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      I’ve handicapped horses for 50 years and have come across a few interesting ways in order to pick winners or eliminate losers. I never lived close to the track and did most of my wagering at race books in Nevada.

      I always thought about using an infrared camera/device to look at the horse’s/contender’s legs.

      Because horse’s room and board can run up to $25,000 per year. Some owners will run their horses even when they are not healthy in hopes of winning something to offset the bill. If a horse has heat in the legs then it is in pain and would never run full out. So that would be an easy elimination. I am currently working on a system to detect the horse’s energy which would indicate their physical ability to perform well.


      There was a vet at one of the New York track’s (Aqueduct/Belmont) who commented on their observation that when they did the required blood work on the winners to look for enhancement drugging. Their comment was the fact that in each case the blood sample showed a higher than normal red blood cell count. Of course the red blood cell carries oxygen to the various muscles and a higher blood cell count would mean that the muscle’s were well nourished so as to perform at a higher expectation!

      The most interesting was outlined in one of Dr. Joseph Murphy’s books. He published many books starting back in 1963. His books are also being reprinted even today because of their popularity. I’ve know of this process since the 1970’s but haven’t paid much attention to it until know.


      Some months ago, I spoke at the Church of Religious Science in Las Vegas, Nevada, at the request of Dr. David Howe, the minister in charge. One of the men who attended the lecture visited me at my hotel for advice regarding a domestic problem. During the course of the conversation, he said that he was a bookie and handled large sums of money on horse-betting throughout the country. He said that he protects himself from large losses by using his subconscious mind regularly and systematically. When he receives too much money on one or two horses, he tries to lay some of it off with other bookies, bookies, but every night he studies the race-sheet diligently, limiting his interests to two particular horses that he favors; then he says to his subconscious: “I am turning this request over to you. Reveal to me the winners in the first or third race (or whatever two races he favors)”; then he falls off to sleep with the words “winners, winners, winners.” At sleep time the conscious mind is creatively joined to the subconscious, and the latter accepts the last waking concept and proceeds to answer him in its own way. Often times he sees the race and the winner while sound asleep in the bed. Other times he sees the race in his dream but forgets the winner when he awakens. One night he saw “Look-Me-Over” win the race and the odds were close to 27–1 for first place. He bet $4,000 and won about $100,000. You will notice that this dream was of a pre-cognitive nature, i.e., he saw the results of the race 24 hours before it occurred on the race track, but it was definitely connected with his job as a bookie. Your subconscious mind is impersonal and no respecter of persons, and it will give intuition to the banker, relative to money; to the doctor, relative to healing; to the chemist, relative to chemical formulas; to the stockbroker, relative to investments; and the inventor, interested in a new discovery, may receive the entire design in his dream. Your subconscious will give you promptings, ideas, answers and definite intuitive impressions based on the nature of your focused attention and intense interest.

      How to Remember a Special Dream

      I explained to this bookie how to recapture the memory of his special dream about a winner, which had eluded him. I suggested that whenever he awakens in the morning, the very first thing he should say to himself is, “I remember,” then the dream will come

      back in full form. (He has tried it and it works.)

      You can enhance this effect by going to bed with a full glass of water. While drinking half the glass of water before going to sleep say, “I’LL REMEMBER MY DREAMS”. In the morning upon waking up drink the rest of the half glass of water all the while saying, “I REMEMBER MY DREAMS”.

      On occasion, you may find you’re able to remember bits and pieces of a dream and no matter what you do you just can’t seem to pinpoint just what it is you’ve dream about. That’s where drinking a half glass of water comes in. If you really want to remember your dreams, drink half a glass of water before going to bed and a half a glass of water when waking up. 

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