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Let’s say I get to the forum.

The 1st topic is “Conversation, Chatter, Discussion”.
So I open that topic.
Inside I see that there are 5 threads.

2. Welcome to the new forum!
3. Santa Anita’s track ?
4. How do folks…
5. Creating E-ponies from Brisnet files

Welcome to the new forum!, has 9 voices 11 posts.

The last post was on February 28, 2019 at 12:55 PM.
I have to open the thread to know the above.

The next time I come to the forum, unless I remember that the
“Welcome to the new forum!” thread had 9 voices 11 posts the last
time that I was here, I will open the thread to see the same posts
that were there the last time.

In the old forum each thread had a date for the last post, so everybody
knew if there was any new content each time they visited the forum.

Double clicking on “Social” is useful but not the same as going to the thread
that I want and knowing whether or not it has new posts.

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