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    I have been absent from the game for quite awhile as I was raising kids. Things have freed up a bit and I have been dipping my toe in the water and catching up to what has happened with the game. Lots of tracks gone….lots of iconic grandstands demolished. Very disappointing. Another disappointment is the total destruction of the YouBet and BrisBet interfaces on the twinspires platform. It’s horrible! Plus since I haven’t been around for awhile, I have no financial clout to be granted access to the legacy tools like some others have. I am not sure what drove the decision to force most players into using the new interface, but one this is for sure – – – IT AINT GONNA BE ME!

    Good to see all of you again – – – and Liam, I love the new site! Only wish the build your own file was still around. Cheers!

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    landscape may have changed but horses still have 4 legs , you’ll will be ok


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