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Michael Parisi
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Please. Thank you for the feedback! It is well appreciated. We need to make this place PERFECT. Horse Racing goto place for everything. We are working on it, and making progress. I see a few issues, and have a list going. Your request was something that was very much needed and when you brought it up I saw it.

When Liam brought me on the team, he had made a fundamental change in strategy. With this new strategy, we plan on shifting to a much higher quality approach that Ive been a long proponent of. One of our main design goals is usability across a range of devices. I believe we are starting to achieve that. Though, Im pretty Picky! :yahoo:

I do have to prioritize my time. And an assessment needs to be made. I do my best to keep it on the things that will help you all the most. Sometimes I have to wait before tackling some users requests. I’m listening. This project has been a long term passion of mine and I want to make this site into something perfect. We are definitely getting there. It’s going to be a slow process, but one we are committed on perusing.

So keep the idea’s coming. :)
Thanks for the Tips!

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