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    From all E ponies Communications including Forums and subscriptions or any other names..
    I wish you well, but this isn’t for me!

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    Michael Parisi
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    Hello Yo-Yo,

    Not really sure what you’re asking.  I can’t remove an account of a client based on a forum post.

    I’ve been working on the site for the last 2 days, trying to figure out what was bringing it down to a crawl.  I think we’ve found it.  We are always growing the site and trying to improve it, and unfortunately that means we sometimes take a step in the wrong direction. In this situation, a plugin to improve performance, ended up costing us more then helping us.  It changed when we upgraded it and I didn’t see its effects.

    I apologize if the problem we had frustrated you.  I’d hate to see you not be able to utilize E-Ponies.  I personally believe information is power, and I think we offer that.  We got some improvements coming.  I just developed another tool to reduce server load and hope to deploy it soon.

    I know you had made some suggestions and have added them all onto our todo list.  I’m pretty proud of how we are always listening to our users.  We always do our best to meet their needs.  We’ve got some real world struggles when we attempt to provide custom statistics to our users.  The equations used are very complex and detailed.  It’s why we are so good at what we do.

    Anyways, if you’re going to leave us.  Well, sorry to see you go.  I had fun chatting with you.




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