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    jon jones
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    This newly updated performance speed chart is based on the deceleration factor all horses can run five furlongs in 1.00 but at 5 and 1/2 and as the furlongs increase the horse is tending to get tired so why make speed chart based on track records the fps on top means the feet per second rating that I used for that distance now this chart is for sprint races only the reason is the horses are running and not getting comfortable in the race unlike route races that are Pace orientated…
    now how to use the chart is very easy look for the final time on the chart then add the beaten lengths also you will see a track adjustment that is track equalizer from American turf monthly those numbers really do work other word if a horse is coming from a lower track that he was racing at then todays track you will add it to the number if he’s coming from a higher track going to a lower track you will – it from his number
    Thank you for trying it out

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    Conley E
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    Hello. First time posting and signing up here for the forum. I understand how to do the ratings in a way, but can you make sure that I am doing it right and answer the questions that I have please and thank you:
    1) For beaten lengths, is 1 length=1 or 0.1 or what is it?
    2) Do you have a route performance speed chart to do if the horse was racing at a route distance or just route races in general?
    3) How many races do you do for each horse every race? 1 race back, 2 race back or 3+ races back? Or just 1 race back?
    4) Is it the higher the rating, the better the choice, or the lower the rating the better. I am guessing lower?
    5) What racetracks will you classify as “Higher” tracks

    Example 1)
    Horse last race was a 6 furlong race. Final time was 1:12, so rating from side says 20. Then he was beat by only 5 lengths. I will add either 5 to get 25 or .5 to get 20.5? Then he was at Fonner in last and he is going to Oaklawn Park, so add Oaklawn’s track adjustment number which is 98, so this horses final number is either 123 or 118.5?

    Hopefully you can answer my questions b/c I would love to see if this speed chart can work. Thank you for posting and looking forward to your reply!


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