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      So my Handicap Information has gone to MODERATION STATUS because I have included a link to my Information site so lets do this (dot) = “.” so go to  derby(dot)2ya(dot)com   This is an ad free site with only information I have submitted on E-Ponies since the 2020 Derby.  I am doing this because it is time sensitive.  My picks for 2023 derby will be posted on “HORSE RACING PICKS” later today.

      Information detail


      I downloaded the simple file data for the 2023 Kentucky Derby. Post designations were not confirmed so my one program did not function and I will have to download the data file either Wednesday or Thursday so that the data file conforms to what I need in order to run my Modern Pace Handicapping analysis of the 2023 Kentucky Derby.

      For now I have six PDF files containing the 2023 Derby Past performances and their importance

      #1 Regular PP – the important thing here is to determine a class ranking for the horse based upon running times of a race. This is my breakdown of exceptional times to look for:

      <p align=”LEFT”>It depends on the distance whether you use speed or pace as an indicator.  For example according to the book “Modern Pace Handicapping”  6 furlong and route races over 1 1/16 you want to use pace.  The rest are better facilitated by speed.  Dropping in class is always best if the times of the race merit a true indicator of class (5f  :55-:57; 6f 1:07-1:08; 6.5f 1:14-1:18; 7f 1:20-1:22; 8f 1:33-1:35; 1 1/16 1:39-1:42; 1 1/8  1:47-1:49; 1 1/4 1:57-1:59) I don’t care what the horse’s odds are if they meet these indicators.  So once I have a contender I look at the quarter times of their last race especially if it is close to the same distance of today’s race.  HINT: if the horse’s fractional quarter time is the same as the leaders then you have a real contender to blow away the competition.</p>
      #2 Leader’ s Fractions – In this case we are looking at Past performance listing of the incremental fractions of the horse in the lead for a race. These fractions can be useful when compared to the participant horse’s incremental fractions.

      pic chart #26 Late Pace   sample of one of the 27 handicapping factors plus Past Performance sheets indicating #1-#6 of additional factors as explained above as well as on the site.






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