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      jim johnson
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      So how am I doing? I will let the stats tell you
      Overall Wins by Position
      Date: June 17, 2017 | Total Races: 872
      Winner in Top-3 = 67.7%; Top-2 Top-2= 51.1%
      1st-pick = 262; 2nd-pick = 184; 3rd-pick = 145
      some people get what I sell, but there are others that just don’t get it I make picks for 4years and up in sprint races only because those are the best races to bet on that give you an edge Just look at the Winner in the top 3 stats, so if you get my sheet for one week and play just the races I put up and handicap just the 3 picks, you will be a winner every

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Viewing 0 reply threads
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