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Michael Parisi
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The message was not sent to your private email.  Your info is not shown to anyone.  That was the forum private message system being used as spam.  We’ve removed the private messaging system because this happened.  We also saw that no one seemed to use it. You will not see any more messages via this method.  We could also move to a friends only system that would allow messages to be sent only if you’re a friend with someone but there is no current plans to do so.

No one can ever see your private info.  I’m the developer, and I got access to the entire sites data and I can tell you that your payment info is not on this server.   In fact, I do not even have your address details or any real details except your name and email.  PayPal secures all of the more private details.

Our security remains very good.  I’ve seen zero signs of issues, outside of spammers.  I work tirelessly on security and making things tight.  I find security issues on about 95% of the sites I work on.  It’s our top priority.  The rare Spammer has been are our only issue.  We don’t get much, but occasionally we get a few.

I apologize you got that email.  The situation has been removed.  Please do not respond to that message.

I hope this puts you at rest about our site.  We can’t be cocky, but we are paying close attention to things.

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