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Michael Parisi
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Glad to see all the new Avatars! The forums are coming along.

Hey People. I figure I’d hide this here. We can call it a little tip for reading this post.

Check out this URL…

But what?!? Is that past races? Hmmm… Thats cool!

We don’t have an interface for this yet, and its not a feature we can support. Yet.

But for those Hackers out there…
In the URL you will see two dates mentioned. sdate and edate. This is Start and End date! And the Track Code will select the track! You can find all the codes in the URL’s of the Picks and Track pages! So enjoy!

Oh, we will be adding a bit of a calendar widget to this so that it wont require editing the URL. But I figured I share the secrete that this is available!

This should be all of the Hawthorne races we have. Our list grows!

I believe only Weekly Subscribers or Higher will get full access to past tracks.

:yahoo: Anyways Have Fun! :yahoo:

Please keep in mind we may want to clear our races when we add the upcoming race results. Will be REALLY cool when you can see who won!

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