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Michael Parisi
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Hello Guest. Not sure If i follow you. Please reply with some more details on what you are encountering as Id like to understand. I suspect we can find a solution to improve the usability issues you are encountering.

As far as the reason for the new forums. We use to have two systems. Unfortunately, this meant two logins and limited our ability to integrate the rest of the site with the Forums. We thus made the choice to switch. We expect to be working on the racing results and then we will be building the new Cap2Win competition engine. My hope is to make it VERY easy to share picks with fellow users and to enable more competition management features. Please provide ANY details you have so that we may continue to improve.

The system is NOT yet perfect, but we are working to make it perfect. Please provide any web addresses and other details that maybe helpful in fixing the issues we find. I’ll be looking into some of the points you address here and will be attempting to track them down. You may always email me at mgparisiscpu


P.S. You make GREAT observations and can really help us make this better. I appreciate these criticism and have no issues with them. Make no mistake, my goal is to make this BETTER then the old one. So please, keep adding your ideas here on the forum or email me if you’d like to remain more private.

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