Preakness infield will offer bottomless beer mug!

This is great news for Baltimore locals, although I find it a bit confusing.

If I remember correctly they banned the practice of people bringing their own beer because of the issue with all the drunks in the infield.  The following year attendance in the infield drops off by 30%.  I was there that year, it was pathetic.  I think they had ZZ Top playing and it was me and about five other guys standing there watching them.  I’m exaggerating for effect.  But let’s just say it was no problem me getting right up next to the band.

So now Pimlico starts selling this bottomless mug, which is a much easier drunk than having to lug in all the beer you need to get hammered.  Spill your beer?  No problem!  Just get more!  If the beer lines start getting long, there will be angry mobs of people who are just drunk enough to riot, but not as drunk as they wanted to be.

So was it really about the drunks in the infield, or about being able to make money off the drunks in the infield?

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