My Biggest Wager of All

by Ralph the Cat

So, the experts say horse racing is dying, last year they decided the breed was dying too.  Well, since I’m no expert, I figured I’d waste a few minutes of my life suggesting a few things for next year, because if I’m wrong, who the hell cares.  By the way, the only time an “expert” in horse racing sticks his chin out is when they suggest something that can never really be proven.  Well, when I’m right about what I’m going to suggest, I want you to refer to me as an expert for the rest of my life.  When I die, I want you to mark on my tombstone, Ralph the “Expert”, rather than Ralph the “cat”.  Because 50 years later I don’t want them digging my corpse up because they think someone accidentally buried a cat in my family plot. 

 So anyways, here’s the deal, since horse racing is dying, and synthetic tracks aren’t safer then dirt according to the experts.  I just want to predict 2 things.  First, breakdown ratios over synthetics will be at a lower rate then over dirt across the nation.  Number 2, the boldest one of the two, Handle will be up across the nation.  So there it is.  What will we say if I’m right?  Horse racing is growing? its rebounding?  I don’t know, we’ll leave that to the experts.  Everyone else has the world of horse racing figured out, I just live in it.

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