The History of E-PONIES

This site was born in 1999 under the banner Digital Chalk Line. The picks are generated by a computer program written by the site owner, Liam Durbin. The computer program has been tweaked and extended numerous times but is still basically the same algorithm as it was when it was written the first time.

E-PONIES.com got its first big break when the Louisville Courier-Journal started carrying the computer generated picks online. Shortly thereafter, the picks were added to the print version. About two years later, E-PONIES.com found its way to Chicago to appear daily in print for the Chicago Sun-Times. Later, when the sports editor of the Sun-Times went to the Chicago Tribune, E-PONIES computer picks went with him.

In the years that followed, E-PONIES has found sponsors from coast to coast, including: USA TOday, Saratogian Pink Sheet, Baltimore Sun, ESPN.com, and washingtonpost.com.

E-PONIES.com has continued to bring new technologies to horse racing enthusiasts. Here are some of the great tools introduced in the past two years: One Click Pony self service tool, RSS Premium subscription, Tip Tweets, and the latest addition - the iPhone app called One Click Pony.

E-PONIES.com continues to grow in popularity, now dishing out over 1.3 million page views every two months. Visitors hit the site from 59 different countries. Over 5000 horse racing fans have joined our mailing list. The E-PONIES.com horse racing forum has over 3400 active members. One Click Pony has over 550 followers on Twitter.

So take a look around and see what keeps everyone coming back. Register for the forum and mailing list.

Best of luck!